Pension Robbery Rising Twice as Fast as Wages

Face it, the last thing that the elder generation truly needs is more money. They can focus on past glories to keep them warm and fed and watered. What use is a roof over your head when all you really need to do is to bask in the fact that you and your peers (regardless of whether or not you actually indulged in higher education) got to go to university for free? They even paid you to go!

So this is something of a Robin Hood situation. Con folk are pilfering money from pension pots in order to hand it over to the more deserving. They can lift the youth out of poverty in just a few clicks of a keyboard. It’s a kindness really, why would the older people want to stick around on the mortal coil when all they see is the suffering of the generations below them?

Then again, young people today are so entitled. They think that they’ve done anything whatsoever to deserve affordable housing and secure employment. Clearly they shouldn’t be entrusted with anything as fundamental as money. But what to do with the purloined pension pennies? If you’ve taken them from those who shouldn’t have had them in the first place and are then confronted with firm evidence that the intended recipients aren’t worthy either it puts a con artist in something of a dilemma.

Maybe the money can be put to good use for all of society. Funnelled into a well-meaning charity or something similar with a clear vision of how to right some of the ills of modern civilisation. It’s a very important thing to think about. Perhaps it’s best to mull over the notions of what one ought to do with stolen funds by taking some time out in the Bahamas. With many lurid cocktails.


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