Landmark Victory for Happy Pills

Breaking news as medication is confirmed to in fact work. What a relief. Sure, that’s an incredibly glib response from someone who has never had cause to take them (well, there was that one time at university but clearly at the time I thought it better to not go to the doctor but instead to save the experience as fodder for an incredibly compelling one woman play I’ll never get round to writing) but it is nice to get some confirmation the medical profession kind of knows what it’s doing.

Mental health is a tricky area laden with landmines that anyone blundering into the fray might well set off. Especially if they’re wearing extremely heavy boots and not really looking where they’re going. At the end of the day, depression isn’t all that well understood.

You can cut a tumour out or flood it with poison. If there’s an infection you can pump the system full of antibiotics (and pray that the patient actually follows through with the course rather than sacking it off halfway through and contributing to the rampaging issue of superbugs that will eventually take over the world). Essentially, diseases of most kinds have been pretty well deciphered. But the brain is a tricky and complex mistress who defies common understanding (well, not really but it’s nice to pretend that there’s a reason why progress hasn’t happened).

At this point, I’ve mired myself in the middle of an area I don’t know very much about. Essentially though, there’s been a trend for people ditching their anti-depressants lately. Or maybe there hasn’t and I’m trying to correlate two unrelated events (I read a thing and then someone in my Facebook network announced they were going cold turkey). Talk to your physicians and take heart in the fact that the drugs do in fact work (hurrah?)?


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