New Sex Catastrophe

It’s 2018, there had to be another one of these on the horizon. We’ve gone through (and are definitely still going through but isn’t it lovely to pretend that we’re already past the dark patch) the reports of endemic abuse in Hollywood, now there’s all the charity sector revelations and there’s a serial sexual predator in the White House. What an age we live in. So it’s not surprising that you weren’t all that moved when you heard that we’re on the brink of yet another scandal.

Who could it be this time? Are there really any stones left unturned? Various forms of entertainment simply have to be boycotted in the name of solidarity (does it count if I’d already given up on House of Cards?) and a depressing number of politicians have to be protested against. We know that prehistoric attitudes permeate the corporate world. Are there are bastions of moral decency left?

Anyone who thought anything about the church clearly hasn’t been paying attention. Go away and watch Spotlight. How about the public sector? Teachers, nurses and civil servants clearly aren’t doing what they do for the money. What if we were to discover that there are hitherto unconsidered lascivious perks involved as a counterweight to the pay freezes? Don’t worry, you can breathe easy on this front, the sex catastrophe doesn’t relate to these folk. As far as we’re aware.

The truth is, new scandals can emerge from any quarter. We’re all humans, driven by desires, it’s just that some people (not necessarily ascribing this to any particular gender, I’m just not going to finish this sentence) haven’t been taught well enough to keep it in their pants. It’s not an act of charity to grant a sex worker in a crisis zone the honour of servicing your cock. Just let her have the money or food or aid or what have you without having to put her hand somewhere the sun doesn’t want to shine.


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