How To… Send Her My Love

As the internet debate rages regarding a topic it has little to know chance of influencing at the moment, it’s high time I chucked in my two cents on the matter. Clearly the baying mob is working itself into a frenzy as it awaits my opinion. So, starting with the obvious, as the proud owner of various lady bits (and that’s not just the macabre necklace I spent far too much of my teenage years assembling, but I’ve already said too much), I’m thrilled that a lass is getting a crack at the whip.

For all the chaps moaning about an ovary holder grabbing the TARDIS key and crushing all their hopes and dreams, why? At its heart, this is a show for children. It’s easy to lose sight of that given it deals with grown up themes and has already outstripped some of its older viewers in maturity. But for these guys (I hate to generalise but I haven’t seen any gals apart from Katie Hopkins disapprove of this and I haven’t got the energy to wade into the bottom half of the internet), it’s just not about you.

I know, the mere suggestion that something in this world hasn’t been crafted around the preferences of white men between the ages of mid twenties and forty is downright heinous. Your demographic isn’t been catered to in this one niche instance, my heart bleeds. Why not go away and dive deep into literally any other show that bends over backwards to please you and leave this one alone? I’m sorry to say it but you really won’t be missed.

When it comes to Doctor Who I am something of a wayward sheep. I wandered away after 11 left the fold because he was the one I was used to and I never quite warmed to Capaldi. It doesn’t mean the show was ruined or anything of that degree (I’m sure my inattention was sorely lamented of course) but this new casting could well be enough to tempt me back. Glorious. And love of course to Jodie Whittaker.

Send her my love – Journey


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