How To… Let Me Know You Know

When you try to let me know that you know that thing you’ve come to understand it’s important that you tread carefully. For one, it wouldn’t do to let other people around us know the things that we know or even that we know it in the first place. We can’t let more folk into the circle of knowledge because then it simply wouldn’t be all that special now would it? If it’s something that everyone else knows then why would it be important for you to let me know you know it?

Perhaps it’s something I’d rather that you didn’t have knowledge of. Maybe you’ve been following me around or watching me in ways that aren’t strictly legal. Not that anyone’s presuming to judge you or anything along those lines. It’s simply worth you knowing that we all know about that court order you tried to bury in your distant past. It’s safe to say that had you been prying into my affairs in this way there are almost definitely several things you’re aware about that I’d rather the general public weren’t.

You could slip me a thoughtfully handwritten note, or drop me a line via email or even a comment on this very slice of internet content (after all, no one else in the entirety of existence will get to see it if I don’t approve the thing. Tremble at the mightiness of my power, potentially tens of characters may have been censored by me just because I wanted to exert my influence in some tiny way). That would be a perfectly unobtrusive way to let me know that you know.

But somehow I don’t think that’s what you want. You want not just to let me know that you know but to know that I have realised that you know in such a way that you now have power over me. That’s the whole point to this operation isn’t it? And somehow you’ve twisted circumstances round in such a fashion that I’m actually telling you how to do it. You don’t need my instructions you evil genius, we both know that.

Let me know you know – Yeah Yeah Yeahs


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