How To… Feel This Way

So, I jotted down some thoughts in anger a little while ago and a quick browse of former blog entries hasn’t convinced me that I’ve already cannibalised them for a post. At any rate, it’s a sufficiently important topic (anything that pisses me off this much is automatically of great significance) that it’s worth bearing out at least twice. This is my lazy disclaimer and if you’ve got a problem with it then I urge you to tell as many people about it as possible (it’s the only way I’m ever going to get my stats up because, you know, lazy. And self promotion takes effort).

Just because you like, or even love, a piece of pop culture be it literature, film, television show or whatever doesn’t mean that it’s alright to be blind to its flaws or even straight up deny them. Allow me to let rip with my controversial statement that let to an embittered argument: Lord of the Rings is not a bastion of diversity. I can’t think of any characters who are people of colour, for example. It’s worth saying at this point that I did get bored trying to plough through the second book so gave up and I’ve only ever seen the films once a very long time ago. It’s very possible for me to be wrong in my recollections.

However, my own personal bugbear is that there’s a notable lack of female influence. Sure, you’ve got Aragorn’s main squeeze and Galadriel’s in there for good measure. And the other woman. That’s pretty much it for named characters though. Sure, it’s a flaw of the genre as a whole and I’ve been previously spoilt by well realised ladies embedded in the fantasy oeuvre. I’ve already admitted that Tolkien is not my favourite in this sort of thing.

There was a most vociferous objection raised to my observation that LoTR is about as representative as your average executive board. An attack on something (not someone) you love is not an attack on you. And just because you disagree with someone’s view does not mean you get to shout that opinion down. No matter how vehemently you oppose it. The last few years alone has more than demonstrated that this is the darker side of free speech.

But seriously, screw you and the horse you rode in on if you feel that you have to force your view through and aren’t willing to accept that something you enjoy isn’t perfect. Game of Thrones is a show I’m very into but I’m more than prepared to admit that there’s gratuitous nudity, problematic storylines and more besides. If you keep preventing those around you from speaking their minds, even if their thoughts are in discord with your own it’s going to lead to problems. Mainly with me attempting to slap you in the face. Or doing something evil to your food.

Feel this way – Phillip George and Dragonette


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