How To… Find Yourself

It’s all well and good to make some variety of life for yourself but what could it possibly be worth if you don’t totally, like, know who you are. And before you cut in with some terribly clever comment, it’s not as simple as looking down at your very own passport or even driving licence. It’s more spiritual knowledge you know.

There are seven billion people on this planet give or take a few hundred million. In amongst that writhing mass of humanity it’s of paramount concern that you take a moment or two to consider what it is that makes you truly special and unique. It’s certainly not the way that the world has made you its victim – too many folk out there can give you a run for your money there.

Not having sufficient funds for the latest electronic doodad isn’t enough to make the rest of us break out the tiny violins (oh god, I’ve become everything I hate when it comes to social commentary. It’s not that I don’t have sympathy for such woes it’s just that they’re not how you distinguish yourself). Surely there has to be more to you than the slightly less than optimal hand of cards you’ve been dealt. What about accomplishments? Not a shiny array of trophies or certificates, skills and the like that aren’t so tangible.

Perhaps you should look inside and examine the core of your inner being. Take some time to consider your hopes, dreams and assorted ambitions. Having uncovered this vital information, you would then hold it to your heart and go forth into the world that little bit more comfortable inside your own skin. You know, either that or piss off to Bali or similar for as long as you can in an effort to stave off the horrible crushing world of adulthood.

Find yourself – Flo & Joan


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