How To… Work for It

I’ve just had a perfectly nice conversation with a very content person. We were discussing the bearing that serendipity or luck has on one’s life. I was, of course (given my whole bleeding heart liberal outlook on life), keen to point out that your starting point will have a lot to do with a notion of a charmed existence. They pretty much agreed with my argument but were too blissed out like a cat in a sunbeam to worry about the adverse consequences of a less than optimal situation of birth.

There’s a lot of credence given to the idea of a self made man (women have to rely on their husbands to lift them out of abject poverty or a boring office job and into the delightful realms of wifedom and motherhood). They put in the hard graft with just the right dash of ingenuity required for success. It’s their sweat and all those long hours of sheer effort that are to thank for any and all achievement.

No mention should be made to the hospitals they may have been born in or that would have stitched up the inevitable bumps and bruises caused by childhood adventuring. Perhaps they were able to afford private. As much as can be said for their schooling and early life instruction. Also the expensive university education followed by prestigious internships courtesy of family connections but also a hearty slice of merit. No input from the state whatsoever then, it’s all been off their own backs.

In spite of the assertion of the number of roads you must walk down in order to be considered a man, this individual wouldn’t be caught dead on such a public convenience. They’ve never benefited from anything funded by government money and they’re damn well not about to start now. Criminals wouldn’t dare touch them so the justice system is largely irrelevant to their doings. I know I’ve gone off on something of a tangent but I’m starting to realise why people don’t feel they need to pay taxes. Why should they be compelled to pay for others to have that which they’ve worked their whole life for?

Work for it – Kayla Brianna


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