Go Snowflakes

They took my word. Sure, it’s hardly as I was the first person to use it or something but I liked being able to deploy it in a positive fashion emphasising individuality and that. But now it’s been irrevocably linked to grumblers regarding those in my generation who, amazingly, aren’t quite entirely down with the status quo. Those millennial snowflakes, whining on about not being able to buy houses and their whole cohort getting shafted over and again by people who ought to care more about them.

Snowflake is now up there in the judgemental lexicon with libtard and cuck. How refreshingly risqué – why would young people deserve any particular level of respect from those with power over them? To be fair, the bluer end of the spectrum of insults do tend to come from folk who don’t have as great a level of influence as they feel they are owed. Which is why it has to descend to petty insults and that. Also internet brainwashing (which is definitely not what I’m trying to bring about here. Pay no attention to the man behind you with the wild facial hair swinging a pocket watch around).

The point is that even in our own limited way, the less aged mass has a voice. It’s one that gets splintered and fractured this way and that but is generally on the same page in that we want a future. Already it seems that we might be the unfortunate lost generation who have it worse than our parents and also our children. What fun. This is why we can’t stop banging on about how awful it is for us compared to others. Simply because it’s actually true.

So go fellow snowflakes, brandish your statistics and thoroughly fact checked arguments. Don’t let injustice wash over you and do nothing about it but moan into the cyber void. Keep protesting and for the love of everything you hold dear or remotely sacred, keep voting as it’s the only way the establishment will pay any attention to any of your views.

Song choices courtesy of: Andy Hunter and Passenger


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