One Last Astronaut

There will come a day when space travel is regarded thoroughly dull. Once it’s been determined that there isn’t an abundance of life anywhere else besides our terrestrial home it will then have to be determined that nowhere else could even be made remotely habitable. At least, not without an awful lot of work and resources that need to be directed elsewhere for the general good of our species. The science guys will realise that beyond our atmosphere really isn’t the place to be.

And yet, some people will find it hard to let the dream go. They’ve dreamed of those starry black frontiers, conquering distant planets and making new lives on the likes of Mars and that. Fantasies like that are surprisingly difficult to quash completely and altogether. However, it would be an utter fool (and how many of those can you think of right off the top of your head?) to try and change the tides.

Therefore, to satisfy those who’ll remain convinced that it’s still necessary, one last expedition above our atmosphere will be mounted. There will be a clamouring of space obsessed young people (and those who many will think are old enough that they ought to have a lick or two more sense) champing at the bit to make the cut. There will be a certain symbolism in the very last manned mission consisting of just the one man (or woman but you know how the patriarchy can be).

That last astronaut will have a hell of a lot weighing on them. I know, it’ll hardly be as if they’ll be put to sleep once the mission’s over and they’ve safely returned to earth. But it’s quite a thing to know for absolute certain that you’re the very last of your kind. Might lead you to think too much about your legacy. Forget to push a button when you’re supposed to. Or hit the ejector by accident.

Song choices courtesy of: Ariana Grande and Coco and the Butterfields


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