Angry Lord of the Jungle

Sure, the lion is known to many as the king of the jungle. Sadly, given that lions are somewhat famed for inhabiting the savannah and aren’t partial to the jungle climate, he is something of an absentee monarch. Of course, this doesn’t exactly have to be a bad thing. Perhaps it’s more of an empire situation. After all, I’m not sure the Queen spends that much of her time in Australia and yet I’m fairly sure the Commonwealth still extends that far.

However, it can be galling when someone insists they have dominion over the various minutiae of your life and refuses to put in a personal appearance. There are those who will happily adapt to the latitude granted by such a situation and chill out a bit. On the other hand, others will see it as a, potentially insurmountable, power vacuum. How can you possibly seize the reins of power for yourself if the driver’s never around to distract and take advantage of.

This is almost definitely why we never hear all that much about the various ins and outs of the rest of the jungle court. Toucan duchesses and python viscounts are probably perfectly content with their relative positions in life. Especially if there are plenty of frog pages and chameleon underlings to exert their will over (I totally didn’t have to do a quick google search because I couldn’t for the life of me think what lives in the jungle apart from toucans. And I’m not even a hundred per cent that this is in fact their proper dwelling place. However the image has been created now and I’m loathe to back out of it).

However, the lord of the jungle is incensed by the situation but can’t quite see a way out of it. Having a monkey butler (sure, it’s a lot more likely to be a valet under these circumstances but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it so I dare you to contradict me) is a soothing salve to most disgruntling predicaments but in this case it’s not enough. The tiger is angry to have been so overlooked and I simply don’t want to think about what he’s going to do to remedy matters.

Song choices courtesy of: Vincent Rodriguez III, Orchestral and 2Cellos


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