This’ll Be My Wedding

Ok, I swear I’ll have plenty of non-matrimonial things to talk about over the next year. It’s simply good to have a place to vent (wrong word, it’s all happiness and sunshine. Dump would also work but sounds similarly negative) my thoughts on the most important day of my life. First off, as I’m sure I’ll have said previously (I really do have some firm pre-formed opinions on the matter), it’s really not that. Sure, it’s a big expensive party kicked off by a solemn legal ceremony but there have to be more important moments. When I met my intended? The day we have a baby? Hell, we spent a lot more when we bought a house if that’s how you rate importance in life events.

However, there is something special about the day the marriage begins. For one, it’s all about me (I mean, technically it’s supposed to be about the couple but I’m the frigging bride. Event managers at various potential venues are already dying to meet me and are being surprisingly accommodating. It’s almost as if we’re planning to drop a shedload of cash on them in return for the privilege of hosting a wedding bash there). Jeez, my fingers are crossed very firmly indeed that I don’t turn into some variety of Bridezilla.

There’s just so much to get organised and I’m not the best with making decisions at the best of times. I have to reach out and try and talk to people, arrange times to meet and greet and see the hopefully magical places I could tie the knot with my betrothed. Once the main location is locked down there’s going to be even more to plan and decide and pick. I never really did before (because when it’s not real and it’s not your actual savings you’re contemplating on spending it’s all so much easier and more fantastical) but I’m seeing the upsides of eloping.

Song choices courtesy of: Train and Murray Gold


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