Get on With it

I’m really not good at announcements. In spite of being a subscriber to various social media sites, I never quite managed to get on board with the whole ‘Look at me’ thing (good thing I pour all my thoughts into a media outlet that gets little to no attention. I’m totally not bitter). Maybe it’s because people who have an unerring ability to turn conversations around to themselves irritate me no end. Or perhaps we should simply peg this one on my general social ineptitude. I’m just not overly brilliant at revealing things unless I’m asked a question that leads me into it.

Anyhow, I’m getting married (see, Martin? Might as well use that surname while I still have it. But really, how hard was it to come out and say that?). There’s a ring on my finger (I have to restrain myself from looking down at the sparkly too often. Cliché, moi? At least I haven’t descended to Gollum-isms and begun to refer to it as my precious) and I made a mad effort to call round the immediate family members before sashaying into the workplace.

However, I forgot that my colleagues are, for the most part, boys. There are other women in the company but not in the area in which I sit (there are surprisingly few conversations where I feel the need to interject and defend my gender but I do have to represent every now and again). Of course they didn’t notice the brand new bling, why would they?

So here I sit, knowing my chance for a carefree announcement has passed me by. The longer I wait the more awkward it’s going to get. I could try and nonchalantly slip it into conversation but I think we can all agree that’s hardly my forte. Or just sit around and wait until the word wedding comes up (as it does all the time in a male heavy environment). I think my favourite option is never to say a word and launch the name change on them and see what happens. I have a problem with social experimentation. I once managed nearly two dates with a guy without learning his name (the joys of online dating are, thankfully, behind me).

Song choice courtesy of (clearly I need to employ a different format when I’ve got something distinct to say): Val Emmich


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