Calling the Spirit of Love

You really shouldn’t judge someone else’s relationship from the outside. Even if it is exceedingly tempting. Maybe you feel sorry for the seemingly patient girl who puts up with her partner’s relentless enthusiasm for a deeply uncool hobby (perhaps juggling, close up magic or even, shudder, Morris dancing). Or a chap who constantly has to suffer having his ear chewed off (whether literally or metaphorically, whichever you deem to be worse).

Are these people just afraid to be alone? Is that why they’re so willing to put up with so many shades of nonsense? Or might it simply be the case that this is how some couples operate? You may well just be picky. However, cheesy and vomit inducing it may sound, accepting someone’s faults and not trying to change them may well be the ultimate romantic gesture. Also, it will grant you a helpful amount of leeway when it comes to your own failings.

But ultimate is a very strong word. And this particular act doesn’t contain within it any expensive jewellery or even so much as a tastefully arranged bouquet of pretty flowers. I feel that plenty of people will consider that a quiet, private act of love couldn’t possibly be good enough. How could you show it off to the world? You can’t Instagram or whatever a tolerant acceptance of a less than enviable habit.

I’m sure I can come up with something a lot more likely to go viral via social media. It definitely kicks off with hang gliding over the sea at sunset, a sandy beach with a white horse or two patiently waiting for some exercise (be they attached to a carriage or not, whatever floats your boat), rose petals strewn as far as the eye can see, expensive bottles of champagne and maybe even a declaration of affection, if you want to go overboard that is.

Song choices courtesy of: The Low Stars, Norman Greenbaum and Murray Gold


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