The Wild Sexy Munich Attitude

Sure, it’s the Latin or romantic language countries who get all the press for their supposed sexiness. Should you glance back far enough in a land’s cultural or otherwise history and discover a preponderance for orgies then it’s almost definitely famous in the current day for a certain sexual magnetism. However, that’s just on the surface and also, when have stereotypes ever been proven to have all that much bearing in reality?

For the real and actual lotharios of the human race you’ll need to have a look in some potentially unexpected places. Before you get yourself wrapped up in some troubling misconceptions I ought to straighten one or two things out. I am in no way trying to toot anything resembling a horn that might conceivably be mine. The British are a great many things but overwhelmingly sexy (with one or two choice exceptions) simply isn’t one of them.

I won’t even try to keep you in suspense for a single solitary moment longer. Obviously, when it comes to mind bending allure it’s the Germans who come out on top. Some might be tempted to say it’s been something of an overcompensation for that whole unfortunate situation of the Second World War. Maybe they’ve finally been able to redirect their energies into activities a little more productive if you catch my meaning (although effective birth control has meant they’re not overrun with tiny progeny).

Upon visiting the nation you might not initially pick up on that sexy wild attitude. Clearly, you wouldn’t find it while pounding the famous tourist trails. However, if you manage to find yourself away from the beaten path do mind yourself because before you know what’s happened a smooth talking native has somehow convinced you that a round of afternoon delight is all you could possibly want to take your holiday to the next level.

Song choices courtesy of: Noah and the Whale, Rachel Bloom, Bowling for Soup and The Replacements


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