Don’t Stop Believing Music for Ineffable Mysteries

If it just so happens (and every now and then, though you might not be completely inclined to hear it) that it’s not even a little bit possible to eff a mystery then you know you’re onto a decidedly sticky wicket (of course, if the people in your life are so keen for a game or three of cricket then they’ve absolutely got to stop smearing honey all over the stumps – I’m not sure if it confers any kind of undue advantage but it keeps attracting bees).

To some, one of these unsolvable puzzles could well be the creation of music. Even to some who’ve managed to carve out a career within the industry. Perhaps the mysteries simply relate to the really good stuff, the more formulaic tracks can be laid down even without much divine inspiration. So who would want to stop a virtuoso in their tracks. Maybe it’s a jealousy issue.

All that being said (and since when have I ever shied away from a rambling circuitous tirade of nonsense when a straighter path would achieve the same thing?), the title didn’t suggest stopping the act in and of itself. It’s so much more to do with belief. If you listen to music that to pretty much everyone else is thoroughly incomprehensible that used to do it for you and then suddenly lose that joy, well, it would be a tragedy.

If everyone, en masse were to stop deriving any manner of enjoyment from downright crazy tunes then that whole industry would simply shrivel up. Like cascading dominoes, this would then spread to the rest of culture through film, media and on towards sport. It would be the downfall of the entirety of our society as we know it and that’s not even remotely an understatement. At least, that’s what they’ve been peddling in order to sell more records.

Song choices courtesy of: Journey, Penguin Cafe Orchestra and Shpongle


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