How To… Get Off My Back

For once (well not for once, I do this really rather a lot but this is my admittedly already bodged attempt to reach justification), I’m going to use the writing of this blog in the spirit that led to its initial creation and then shoehorn a title that only slightly makes sense later. By this I obviously mean that I’m going to vent a few petty frustrations into the gaping maw that is the void of the internet and then hope that nothing comes of it.

I am irritated. There is a person who is driving me up the wall (if you’re reading this and you know me then it couldn’t possibly be you. You’re a perfect delicious angel of loveliness and I bask like a contented cat in your attention) and I can’t really say anything about it. Partially because I have an almost pathological fear of confrontation but mainly because it wouldn’t be reasonable to screech at them the way I would like to.

Have you ever met someone who butts into any and every conversation going? I mean, that in and of itself clearly isn’t that terrible but it is wearing when having muscled in they proceed to turn the subject (whatever it was and sometimes it’s actually faintly impressive) round to themselves. They insert themselves into any discussion no matter how unrelated to them. They’re a sponge, sucking up every last scrap of notice until no one else can hear themselves think.

And, if that wasn’t egregious enough, this person is clearly a bit bored. Which makes them even more likely to prick their ears up and swan over if they have even a fleeting interest in proceedings that aren’t any of their business. Basically, it’s a sure fire way to irritate me if you make everything about you. I just don’t care enough about non-me people to pretend to care. Now, how the hell do I relate this to song titles?

Nope, it’s going to have to be a how to. Sorry to break format, I’m clearly the worst. At least I haven’t screamed at whoever it is and been reprimanded for being unprofessional or unladylike or whatever.

Get off my back – Bryan Adams


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