I’m a Writer of 5 Years

Sure, this would have been a whole lot more appropriate last week around the time that I forgot to crow about the continuation of this mad project over five orbits of the earth around the sun. But that’s one of the risks you run with randomness, this particular potential combination didn’t arise until today. And once it had could I really honestly be expected to ignore it in favour of something made up about a spaceman dying before you with a pencil full of lead? Precisely.

So, it’s on record that I’ve been churning this sort of thing out for at least five years. But surely I was capable of stringing words and even sentences before then? Surely saying that the whole word smithery shenanigans only kicked off half a decade ago is something of a kick in the face to my five year old self who set her pudgy little heart on becoming an author? There’s even embarrassing stuff on the internet that serve as examples of my prowess with the English language (or lack thereof) that predate the advent of this blog.

Therefore, I’m definitely a more decrepit write than I claim to be in the headline (we’re already well past the point where I can claim myself to be a prodigy so there’s not much reasoning in talking down my many years of putting letters in the correct order to produce snippets of language). However, Noah and the Whale didn’t pen a song about approximately twenty four and a bit years (or possibly just twenty or so. I’m not sure even I can promote myself as much of a writer in my very early years. It was mainly just adorable dribbling and the occasional surprisingly smelly bottom expulsion). Or maybe they have and I haven’t done my due diligence in perusing their back catalogue. Wonders shall never cease.

Song choices courtesy of: Rachel Bloom, Joyce Grenfell and Noah and the Whale


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