Headbutt Pictures of Big Bad World

I still haven’t quite managed to lose my feeling of optimism in the wake of the results of the general election. This could well be because it’s such a novel feeling after participating in a vote. Perhaps I’ve become jaded by Brexit and even the referendum on AV. Anyway, it finally feels like there are a whole lot more people in tune with my thoughts and ideals so it’s hard to feel truly disappointed by that.

But then there’s the DUP. There’s still more to learn but if we’re faced with a vote on reducing abortion limits to keep them happy then forgive me for saying that it’s possibly not the best thing to have a weak and wobbly government propped up by them. I know, controversial (I really hope that’s sarcasm rather than a commentary on the way things are going. Anyway, it’s surely going to be impossible to walk the clock back on things like equal marriage rights?).

From a brief survey of history it’s at least comforting to see that minority governments don’t last all that long. We’ll be ushering in Boris (shudder) before we know it and that affable bumbling facade will have at long last done its job. This is the point he’ll unmask and be as nasty and self serving as he can manage. I’m definitely not just being melodramatic but I fear him more than Trump. Same level of entitlement but a shade more competence and knowledge of how to exploit the system for his own gain.

Never mind, hopefully the momentum will keep going and Labour will continue to surge like a stiffening, well, you know where I’m headed so I might as well put a halt to this unnerving simile. I’m finally practically giddy to have been wrong about the outcome of a major vote. With this track record I could even become a pundit.

I’ve totally forgotten to address the title I so carefully picked out haven’t I? I just started thinking about the big bad world and somehow landed on the DUP. Print out pictures of them and headbutt the living daylights out of them. Send some variety of strong message.

Song choices courtesy of: The King Blues, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Murray Gold and Kodaline


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