Save the Crazy Untitled Middle

Everything’s gone a bit mad, I’m still a lot more coherent than some public figures (of which I’m obviously not one. It’s just convenient to have a bonkers uncontrolled mess to point to and say that at least I’m not as bad as them. It’s the same as what Putin does and look at how successful he is). Anyway, there’s been a whole lot going on and I even managed to forget my own anniversary.

My relationship with this blog is frustrating but ultimately wonderful and I shouldn’t have let five years go by without remarking on the latest annual hurdle. So, yeah, get me. Over one thousand eight hundred days on the clock and I’m not even tired yet. Well, at any rate there’s no stopping me. I mean, I have no intention of letting this fall by the wayside no matter how many more interesting or diverting things are clamouring for my attention or however generally apathetic the internet seems to be to my efforts.

The crazy untitled middle. Who totally exist and haven’t just been made up by me. If the general election has taught us anything, it’s that we’re pretty damn divided as a nation. The majority split itself between red and blue and the rest sprinkled themselves among the alternatives. Side note, UKIP didn’t even muster two per cent of the vote so can we please stop hearing from them on everything every five minutes?

The truth is, we’re not far apart as we might think. Most people are probably clumped in the middle of an ideological spectrum with certain issues tipping them one way or another. And yet, our stupid unrepresentative system tips things in the favour of the establishment to the point that the Conservatives can get only a couple of percentage points of the vote more than Labour but scoop up an extra sixty or so seats. Which allows Theresa to scurry back into parliament with the aid of the DUP who I don’t know enough yet about to be properly worried (I’ll do my due diligence though, abortion and borders have already been thrown about as subjects of concern).

Song choices courtesy of: Train, Thomas Newman, Weird Al Yankovic, Will Arnett and Jimmy Eat World


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