Waiting for the Bullshit Reputation

I don’t care if it doesn’t make all that much sense, today seems like a day for it especially as all the politics has rendered me incoherent with confused and bewildered rage. There’s an election and the unceremoniously fired former director of the FBI is testifying against a president famed for tripped out unfettered bullshit pretty much every time he opens his mouth.

Yeah, I know, kind of the point of using song titles rather than newspaper headlines is that I can step away from whatever’s going on with current events. However, it’s all I can think about right now. We’re teetering on the brink of something. I know, deep down, and I’ve said plenty of times that nothing’s going to change. In fact, the Tories will almost definitely romp home with a stonking majority just to teach me not to get my hopes up. We’ve somehow landed ourselves right smack in the middle of the darkest timeline.

Whatever the result, we’ll find our way blearily hurrying out of the campaign haze and right into the cold unwelcoming arms of reality. Because Brexit negotiations are the next inconvenient hurdle to clear. Or trip over, sending ourselves inelegantly sprawling into the side lines of world history. And we’re naked, because Theresa insisting on putting that unsettling image in our heads.

Whoever emerges triumphant we’ll be waiting around for the other shoe to drop and boot us in our stupid overly trusting faces. The reputation for political bullshit spouted in the pursuit of getting one’s greasy mitts on power is an enduring one. Even for the nasty party intent on bringing back fox hunting and elitist grammar schools. In fact, especially them (why not wear my bias on my sleeve? I made sure that I didn’t wear any blue today – because it’ll totally make a more than symbolic difference).

Song choices courtesy of: Colin hay, Beans on Toast and Halfcocked


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