Britain Faces Completely Different Extremism on TV

When the news story broke that one of the London Bridge attackers had been on a Channel 4 documentary all hell broke loose. Well, perhaps not exactly all hell but there was a certain level of dismay that someone who appeared in a show entitled ‘The jihadis next door’ could have gone on to perpetrate a religiously fuelled attack on innocent people. Someone has to take a stand and to prove that as far as the British public are concerned enough is well and truly enough and something has to be done about it.

Extremism has a clear and definite place within the media. Probably. It attracts a lot of attention at any rate and given the advertising revenue driven nature of the industry¬† a little controversial material is almost definitely a good thing. But the main issue is that there’s just so much negativity out there – extremism as a concept simply has to be reclaimed by positivity and excellence.

Therefore, from no on and hereon in going forwards and into the future, extremism is going to mean something different. Rather than inflexible and irascible thoughts about religion and restricting the freedoms of others it’s going to be about light and hope and whatnot. It’ll be angelically fluffy to the point that nary a harsh word would dare to cross anyone’s lips for fear of a righteous ticking off.

Sure, it might make for something of a drag when it comes to general entertainment. People will be ever so slightly to tune in if it means seemingly endless lectures on the correct way to comport yourself in polite society. The raging purity will reach such a level that counter culture that the softest of rebellions will feel like the most subversive act imaginable. And from there the cycle will continue from too strict to too loose and back again.


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