YouTube Link to Terrorist Attack Taken Down

Regulate the crap out of the internet – that’s the way to make everything totally and completely safe forever. Every single autocratic regime, fictional or otherwise, has long being famed for being not only terribly effective but universally beloved by the people governed by them. If you crack down as hard as you can on an issue you care about it’s bound to end well, especially if you have entirely benevolent intentions (I mean, who would possibly embark on this sort of thing if there was a degree of personal benefit to it or any hard feelings whatsoever?).

After all, prohibition reigned supreme in America in the twenties and nary a drop of alcohol has been consumed there ever since. However, it’s not like anyone’s going so far as to outlaw the internet entirely. I’m not sure even the awesome power of legislation would be enough to take that sucker down. Even though as we all know by now that enough is enough.

The internet is an incredibly powerful tool, linking together people who might never otherwise meet, allowing messages to be spread throughout the world and for images of cats to be manipulated to appear even more adorable. But it’s hardly surprising that people in power want to exert their will on cyberspace. They don’t want any behaviour to slip their notice. Because of terrorism and stuff, not unbridled nosiness.

Sadly, as with most important issues, there are no easy answers. Security and freedom often prove to have a certain level of trade off between them. If you surround your house with several feet of concrete, safe doors and spiky fences then people probably won’t be able to get in. However, it will take you about a week and a half to get back in after work even equipped with all the necessary keys and codes. It’s probably sort of similar when it comes to online security. All totally relevant to the original point.


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