Tory Tax Pledge Over Election Expenses

It was a truly shocking development in events. Someone broke the law and was then made to be accountable for that misstep. Even though they were in politics and should by all rights be all the way above the rules that govern the norms (not my opinion, just the way things seem to work, sadly). Perhaps it ought to be interpreted as a wake up call? An indication that candidates should stay within the confines of the guidelines.

That’s a nice thought but incredibly unlikely. Admitting wrong doing is somewhat akin to political suicide. The proper thing to do is to u-turn and then give people funny looks when they mention your previous stand until they stop. You know, in spite of the fact that recordings, video and the internet exist. If we’ve learned anything recently it’s that fact checking is so incredibly lame and out of style when it comes to political campaigning.

When flat out denial doesn’t quite cut the mustard, the Tories are lucky enough to have a different strategy to pluck out as if from thin air. Pure distraction has to be the way to go. If you can divert attention away from the smoking wreckage that is a previous general election effort to get those suckers to cast their ballot for you then you’ll surely be golden forevermore.

But how to do it? What’s the one method virtually guaranteed to grab hold of public awareness? Unfortunately, sex scandals are rather hard to manufacture out of nowhere in such a brief period of time (that’s a lie and we all know it but that’s not what they want to do so have to come up with some variety of excuse). No, the way forward is clearly to bung out a barely thought through tax break for those who don’t especially deserve it.


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