Fake Web Accounts Clash Over Brexit

The bots are coming. They are on an inexorable rise and there’s nothing the human population can do to halt them in their tracks. Some are even dim-witted enough to encourage them (naming no current presidents who seem to be bolstering the ranks of their Twitter followers with legions of not entirely human accounts for some no doubt nefarious scheme), perhaps they think they can outwit the artificial intelligence. Of course, for that to work you have to have some level of your own intelligence. But I digress.

Believe it or not, some people are willing to lie. They might well have the courtesy to do so to your face regarding matters of the heart or business or similar nonsense. However, it’s an even easier proposition to lie via the cybernetic interwebs. I could tell you anything and you’d witness nary a wince or facial tic to suggest that what I come out with is anything but the truth (you might get tipped off if I immediately suggest via the brackets that I wasn’t being completely honest).

For example, I definitely haven’t forgotten the initial thread of the point I was planning to make thanks to the fact I’ve abandoned and come back to this post several times already today. I know exactly what it is, you set the bots going having given them vague suggestions of viewpoints they might develop for themselves. Leave them be for a little while to round out their arbitrary opinions. And then let battle commence.

It’s a true marvel of the modern age that you can sit back, relax and allow fictional entities to enact real arguments for you even if it doesn’t come to anything. Such an enterprise doesn’t have to limit itself to the controversial Brexit or similarly contentious issues like abortion or favourite ice cream flavours. Let your imagination run riot and then get bots to share each other to virtual shreds for your amusement.


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