Power to Ban BA Chaos

The government really hasn’t been doing enough to flex its authoritarian muscles of late. Seriously though, what on earth is the whole point of being in charge if you’re not willing to abuse your position every now and then? Nine times out of ten when it comes to this variety of situation going down it’ll be some brand of self serving nonsense related to personal vendettas or randomly trying to promote junk you like. Approximately ten per cent of the time though, something halfway to kind of alright occurs.

I’m afraid I can’t tell you the particular story I was thinking of. Not because it’s totally made up but rather more down to the fact that it involves the bribery of an official, a little smidgen of nepotism and an enduring grudge against a slice of life most people wouldn’t honestly consider to be a problem. I did get my way in the end though.

Anyway, let’s move away from my supposed misdeeds and into the ever so slightly less murky waters of getting problems sorted. Something bad and genuinely contributing to public harm? Ban it. No sweat, once people know that it’s no longer permitted they’ll both not want to do it anymore or even feel the urge to participate in whatever activity it is. What about if you simply generally disapprove of something for ill defined reasons? Ban that too.

This is the thinking that has lead the Ministry of Transport (or whoever. They had official forms and headed notepaper so it was definitely all above board) to the conclusion that it should ban this BA chaos and all that chicanery. If non-service has been downright outlawed then even if the computers are on actual fire then the support staff will just have to work that much harder to find a workaround because anything else has been banned. End of.


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