May to Confront Bomb Maker

She’s been working on her disapproving face for some time now. You really don’t want to put yourself in a position wherein it will be turned on you, it’s far more devastating than a death sentence (it’s hardly as if one of those is going to deter a suicide bomber anyway). The Prime Minister will fix you with an icy glare that will seemingly fix you in place and, just when you think it can’t possibly get any worse, begin to purse her lips. Then potentially slap you with a crippling fine or a prison sentence. But the look will be worse.

In a time when the leader of the government is basically just a figurehead (even more so than the Queen put in place by that whole hereditary monarchy nonsense) they have to have something to do. I mean really, the economy pretty much looks after itself and we have more than enough laws to keep us going for the foreseeable future. It makes total sense for the nominal leader in charge of a first world nation to turn to the deliciously tempting world of crime fighting.

For a random example, if you told Donald Trump that he could forget all about this foreign trips nonsense where he has to spend time in buildings that don’t bear his name (the gold medals don’t quite make up for the inconvenience), don a leather jacket and drive around beating up criminals he’d jump at the chance. Melania wouldn’t dare bat his hand away if it was dripping in the blood of all those violent illegal immigrants he’s determined to rid his country of. You’d certainly get a wider demographic of people putting themselves up for the top job of heading a nation if they knew it wasn’t going to be irritatingly desk and diplomacy based. Watch out ne’er-do-wells, Theresa’s coming for you.


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