Troops on the Street in Race to Foil Evil

I could totally kick things off by mocking. Imagine my cutting remarks that will no doubt change everything you’ve ever thought about the nature of darkness and the methods we’ve previously employed to fight it. It’ll be downright satirical and incredibly worthy. But you definitely don’t deserve that so welcome to a rambling incoherent mess that won’t actually go anywhere. That’s more your level (not mine).

Another way for me to go is to crow for an extended period that I was totally right – there’s nothing but the Manchester attack in the papers. Ah, that pure vindication coursing through my veins. It’s all about terror and its associated links, sorrow, killings and the army heading out and about to protect people or something. Short of an entirely separate attack going down somewhere else, the media were hardly going to find anything else to talk about.

When this sort of thing happens, there are all sorts of thoughts you’re not supposed to have. You’re definitely not meant to be influenced by the media to in any way glorify the attacker (I’m not saying that’s happening but it’s something that comes up in these sorts of situations. Especially with the field day some journalists are having attempting to track down families of the victims. That may not have made sense but I just saw a thing on Twitter and it made me angry. Let people be).

Another thing that you certainly shouldn’t think about is the disruption to your personal schedule. Rather than fixating on irrelevant ephemera, forget entirely about the regular programming you were looking forward to and the extent to which you don’t want the voices coming out of your radio to fixate on the tragedy. Don’t worry, there will be unexpected surprises. Like martial law being declared on the beleaguered city and the consequences that will reveal themselves in time.


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