Fury Over Dementia Tax

Fine, I am incredibly impressionable. I may well have my previous prejudices but I like to pride myself on being sufficiently liberal that changing my mind on stuff isn’t above me. I’d hate to be accused of being woefully entrenched. Given that I’m already convinced that the Tories are going to sweep this election (I’m not happy about it but that’s a separate issue) I was more than prepared to find good stuff in their manifesto.

But then Theresa went off on one of social media (I think Donald Trump rubbed off on her in a move I’m already regretting mentioning because it’s incredibly icky. Anyway, random Twitter rants worked well for him so the Prime Minister took to the internet, this time Facebook because her rambling eloquence couldn’t be contained to 140 characters). Her post was riddled with lies, narcissism and many an undignified attack on her political rivals. One might easily forget amongst her complaints that she’s the one who actually called this election she’s suddenly worried about losing.

Guess what? Now I’m ever so slightly less on side with their manifesto. While I appreciate that it’s difficult to lay out every single costing the future might bring especially as taxes are dependent on the economy you’re trying to prop up, at least Labour had a go at explaining how they’re going to pay for stuff. The government haven’t.

So we’ve worked our way round to the issue of paying for social care in your old age. It’s something quite a few of us (yes, I’m lumping us all in together, don’t you feel the warm glow of the big society? It’s almost, but definitely not quite, sickening) worry about. Don’t worry, the Conservatives have your back. Along with all your assets down to that last hundred thousand pounds. Think of all the iPhones your children can buy with that rather than that house they’ve been waiting all their adult lives for the chance to get themselves heavily in debt to buy.


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