May Way to Labour Heartlands

Fine, I’m not too biased and thoroughly partisan to admit it, there’s stuff I can actually get behind in the Tory manifesto. Don’t get your knickers in an almighty twist, I’m still not going to vote that way (not that it’ll make a blind bit of difference in my local constituency but I just feel it’s worth shouting from the rooftops as often and as loudly as possible). However, I’m not above admitting when I think something might be a goodish idea.

However, it’s also worth remembering that I really don’t know much about anything and just because I reckon something sounds halfway decent doesn’t mean that it won’t have long lasting and downright terrible consequences. Like means testing the winter fuel allowance, where do you set the threshold, what if people are put off claiming it because of the hassle? Then again, they’re taking away free school meals and threatening to go crazy with internet regulations so it’s definitely not all going to be a socialist paradise under a blue government.

But Theresa’s determined to strengthen her hand (not to be rampantly sexist or anything but if she was a boy she’d know from her teens that there’s another way you can strengthen your hand from the comfort of your very own bedroom). She wants to entice Labour voters away from the revolutionary Corbyn. She’s going after the folk who voted Brexit. That’s why the immigration pledges have stood even though they’re frankly unattainable. Even though the referendum wasn’t to do with immigration. Oh no.

Wait a couple more weeks and you’ll see her don a jaunty miner’s cap, spending a lot more time outside the south east with the commoners and tucking into more cones of that definitely delicious potato substance. Hold the vinegar though, wouldn’t to do be making such faces when consuming that plebeian muck.


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