Too Brainy to Bankrupt UK

Too big to fail. Too intelligent to lead the economy by the nose all the way to the slaughterhouse whether that was the intended final destination or not. We get a lot of assurances these days, often in the form of terribly snappy soundbites. Sure, it leads most people thoroughly unimpressed when things inevitably end up tits up. For film lovers, it might remind you of the blithe confidence of the higher ups aboard the Titanic dismissing the need for more lifeboats.

Anyway, we’re in a time where we need to think about what kind of person we want in charge of the country. In foreign climes one cannot help but notice that there’s been something of a preference for the, shall we say, less than intellectual bent when it comes to their governing politicians. I am of course thinking of George W back in the day, people felt comfortable with the fact that he was the sort of chap they’d like to go for a beer with. Call me crazy but I’d rather have someone staggeringly smart at the top even if they did insist on being superior about it at any opportunity.

As the current incumbent of the Oval Office might tell you if you happened to catch him in a moment of candour, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown (or words to that effect). It’s not as easy as some might deem it to be while they’re on the outside. There’s a lot to do and I might be naïve in thinking this but surely it can only help if you’re an informed and inquisitive individual?

Putting all that to one side, too brainy to bankrupt UK is unlikely to be an electioneering slogan you’ll hear anytime soon. No spin doctor would recommend alienating large swathes of the electorate in that fashion. Nevertheless, the bright get special treatment. If some genius with the brain the size of a planet starting saying this they might well be right. Then again, they’d probably be too smart to want to get into politics in the first place.


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