Web Hackers to Care for the Elderly

It’s an odd but surprisingly elegant solution. You have a segment of the population who’ve just come into a shedload of money from nefarious means. They’re also the sort of folk who aren’t really all that minded to leave the house on a totally regular basis (these are all facts, no one’s resorting to lazy stereotypes and some might be minded once hit with that sort of accusation to strike you about the face. So be careful).

All we have to do is a little gentle convincing. One, rather than pursuing justice of one form or another for these hackers (sure, people have been put out and inconvenienced through having their files locked or large sums extorted out of them but that’s just modern life isn’t it? Surely they can simply suck it up?) we could attempt to impose alternative living situations. If they’re prepared to take an elderly or infirm person into their homes and look after them then they can be allowed to cyber crime to their heart’s content.

It might prove to be more of a hurdle to get the older generation to go along with it. The criminals have the assurances that they won’t have to worry about prosecution but how will the poor old dears feel about being relegated to such a den of thieves? Perhaps it’s best to start the process with those who are already mired in dementia so that they won’t have the slightest clue as to what’s going on.

Put it this way, when you yourself are old and incapable (I know, perish the thought. It’s a long way off but time is sure to make fools of us all eventually. Unless you’re lucky enough to get squashed by a bus before you lose control of your various faculties) would you rather be stuck in a care home surrounded by the stench of stale urine or in a comfy dwelling where tech savvy miscreants are on hand to make you a cup of tea whenever you want it?


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