Millionaire Brexit Donor Targets Council House Revolution

Money will get you a lot of things nowadays. I know that’s an incredibly obvious statement but it’s always good to kick things off from somewhere thoroughly uncontroversial. If you’re prepared to flash the cash you can start changing the world to bully it into line with your various whims. After all, once you’ve treated yourself to a ridiculously large telly and a comfy bed what’s a ludicrously rich individual to do with themselves?

At first perhaps you proceed with trepidation. You begin by floating smallish sums in the hope of changes that not particularly many will feel or even notice but will make your life that much better nonetheless. It’s only natural to feel emboldened by these successes. So you wedge yourself in a little deeper and go for more material benefits. Then some issue happens to catch your eye and you simply cannot help yourself from getting really rather fired up by it.

Now, if you were a normal run of the mill garden variety member of the public there wouldn’t be all that much you could do about it. An online petition might get put about but since when has anyone paid all that much attention to one of those? However, you have the funds to get people to stand up and really take notice to what you care about.

If you’re prepared to stump up the moolah you can even get people to alter their opinions on all sorts of things. Especially if you’re prepared to stoop to just a snippet or two of misinformation. I’m probably not referring to Brexit in and of itself but then again it is in the headline. Anyway, once you’ve got away with that sort of thing you’re liable to let your imagination run away with you and picture all sorts of things you could bring about. Like stopping affordable housing getting built because it might adversely affect your property portfolio.


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