Huge Hack Attack Hits a Clown

When a story like this breaks, our news outlets can have a strange propensity to zero in on the exact same things. Sure, it was totally terrible that the NHS got hit by this sort of cybernetic maliciousness. People couldn’t get their various test results, it probably screwed this admissions and absolutely no one could play solitaire on the computer. However, there were plenty of others who had no choice but to carry on without the merest shred of media attention.

Folk up and down the country and beyond (apparently this was a world over affair not that you’d be able to pick up on that nugget of information if all you paid attention to was the UK press) were downright bemused by this particular attack. I’m sure that some were able to shrug it off as no big deal, stump up the cash demanded by the attackers and carry right on. Probably, it’s not like I was there or anything.

But there were plenty of others who couldn’t quite afford to be as casual with their funds. Like an independent entertainer who depends on the internet to take bookings for children’s parties. Whose business is suffering just a little bit in the current climate thanks to the general prejudice against clowns. You know, because they’re creepy and terrifying and not even half as funny as they’ve been previously reported to be.

So when this particular individual discovered the unhappy news that his computer was locked and could only be accessed for an exorbitant fee he broke down in heaving sobs. Was there so much as a camera crew in attendance to record the tragedy? Nope. And yet the unfortunateness just kept coming. Totally unable to access his bookings list, the clown missed the three birthday parties scheduled during the day and that one truly disturbing hen party. Possibly not all bad then.


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