Corbyn’s Plan to Nationalise Stroke Epidemic

Why stop at just the railways, post office and energy providers? Keep that nationalisation train going! I mean, now is probably a pretty good time for me to admit that I’m not especially in the loop with regards to what actually happens when it comes to nationalising things. There are of course the unfortunate connotations that comes alongside anything that contains ‘national-‘ but I also know (and by know I mean I’ve heard as such because I wasn’t really about at the time) that services were better on the trains when the state was in charge. Apart from the coffee which I don’t especially care about.

Anyway, there are complaints abounding that Labour want to drag us back to the seventies with the manifesto they haven’t properly released yet (as we trudge our way through the 2010s I’m minded to think that being transported back to another decade in the latter half of the last century really wouldn’t be the worst thing).

They want to take the privatisation back when it comes to the trains. I think that’s excellent because they’re far too expensive and don’t work very well (this is one of the many reasons why I’ve switched to commuting by car). Another potential pledge is to abolish tuition fees. Speaking as someone who’s saddled with debt from her time at university that will last for the bulk of my career, I say yippee. As far as I’m concerned, these are all policies to be happy about whether or not they’re viable. It’s a step in the right direction.

But then Corbyn may or may not have got the slightest bit carried away. There was so much jubilation in the room, a response he’s not all that familiar with nowadays, that all he wanted to do was to keep the party going. He had a quick scroll through the latest news blasts and took a stab in the dark. Maybe he couldn’t quite bring himself to commit to the nationalisation of the NHS so he went for a slightly lower target. Perhaps he was having a tiny stroke himself. We don’t know. It could well be that the only way to find out is to cast your vote (register for it before the 22nd by the way).


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