Labour Faces Full State Pension

For all their fighting talk, Labour are a hair’s breath away from throwing in the towel. Obviously that’s not exactly how they’d phrase it but it all boils down to pretty much the same thing. You might feel a sudden urge to kick yourself very hard in the face if you were to cast your mind back and realise that all the signs were there.

In the run up to the last election their hopes were up. Just a little bit. Not that they were overly invested in what the pollsters had to say. They certainly hadn’t been coming up with very pretty colour schemes for whatever coalition they might enter into (or even when it came to a minority government – it’s always worth changing up your design efforts every now and then). And then it all went a little bit tits up thanks to the barrage of shy Tories absolutely no one had seen coming. Which is when the decision was come to that it was time to wind things down.

Of course, it would be rather suspect if they chose to flame out even if they deemed it to be a blaze of glory (no one else would but sometimes it’s good to convince yourself when nobody else will buy it). Therefore, it was time to have a bit of fun while they primarily ran out the clock and phoned this whole democracy thing in. Which is essentially what led to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

Smash cut to coups of various flavours when Labour politicians fell for the distraction. As time went by the ineffective opposition the party offered became more and more apparent. To the point that folk became less and less ready to vote for them and a Tory landslide was increasingly imminent. An unfortunate side effect to be sure but one that would leave a void for some fresh faced party to step into as soon as Labour retired from the political sphere.


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