Shame Pill to Save Your Life

I know, I’m perfectly aware, the headline of the day really ought to be that they’ve somehow managed to magic up some variety of pharmaceutical that can trigger or somehow induce emotions. Sociopaths and the generally repressed have serious cause to celebrate. But for whatever reason, these terribly interesting brand spanking new examples of pharmaceuticals and their wide ranging potential applications have been blocked from the general notoriety they deserve. I would call conspiracy but I’d hate to kick off that sort of nonsense.

So let’s not focus on the possibilities that actors might start exploiting this brand of product to make their performances that much more believable. Or that dramatic and tearful manipulations are going to get that much more real. Nope, because apparently the revelations just keep coming.

Shame, by all accounts (and who really are we to question the latest batch of scientific studies? I mean, do you have a hitherto completely hidden cache of data hidden in your pocket? Of course, you could just be very pleased indeed to see me. Immensely gratifying to be sure but hardly a foundation for proper hard facts), is a better bet for extending one’s life than a whole host of other supposedly healthy activities. Forget about not smoking, taking regular exercise or even bothering with keeping your mental faculties any semblance of sharp. Shame’s the way to go.

Certainly, you could invite overbearing mothers with axes to grind to come round and remind you of your failings. However, even as you feel the years loom ahead you might wish that they didn’t. Better indeed by far that you simply pop a pill and don’t have to bother with that whole nonsense of human interaction. It might be something of a burden to constantly worry about keeping that prescription filled but somehow I think you’ll be able to manage.


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