Fury Over Tax to Hammer Workers on £80,000

Those poor, misunderstood souls. I do want to kick this off by readily admitting that I really don’t know all that much about how the economy actually works. I mean, sure, it’s pretty difficult to distribute wealth if none has been generated in the first place. But I definitely do reckon that there’s far too much capitulating going on with regards to the richer segments of the population. Call me a Communist or worse, I don’t especially care. Things aren’t working in the current model.

But, as usual, I’ve digressed. We were considering the plight of those terribly poor, although of course not materially so, folk struggling along on a mere pittance of eighty grand or more a year. I just don’t know how they cope. Of course, there are those hoping to save up for a boat or another private jet. Others will be somewhat more invested in their housing portfolio.

Yes, I’m being flippant, want to make something of it? I suppose it’s hardly surprising that these particular folks don’t actually consider themselves as rich. They’re not foreign oligarchs swanning around the Mediterranean on their massive yachts or even our own home grown million- or indeed billionaires. If they can look at those around them and see more well off folk about them they can console themselves with not being as damaging to the poor as they could be.

You can easily understand the righteous fury that has come as part and parcel of a proposition that singles out higher earners. How dare the government (or in fact the would be government who have no real chance of getting in thus rendering this policy well and truly moot but that’s beside the indignation) think that they can get the wealthy to pay for public services? After all, they already pay for private education and healthcare so they’re hardly clogging up that public riffraff and claptrap.


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