May on Course for Great Tory Rebirth

Is it sexist for the papers to start talking in earnest about a rebirth when it’s a woman at the helm of the victorious party in the local elections? Am I whipping up an utterly pointless controversy because I’m resigned in the face of unvaried headlines and I don’t know what to start banging on about? Only time will tell. Probably. Sure, the Tories did really rather well in the local elections and I’m not overly happy about it.

I’m not completely sure that rebirth is all that accurate a term. After all, can you really have a resurgence if you already happen to be in power? Am I simply asking a shedload of rhetorical questions because I can’t be bothered to think much more deeply about any of the issues I’m raising? How many times am I going to use this trick over the course of this day’s entry?

There’s no real way to deny it though, the Conservatives are in the ascendency and it’s difficult to foretell how long it’s going to continue for. You can hardly point to anyone on the left (and by that I basically just mean Labour. I know the Lib dems drift towards the middle but you can’t exactly see Farron as the big cheese now can you?) and single them out as someone you really view as a credible leader in charge of the country.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think May is much cop either. I have in fact developed something of an intense dislike for her (as not great as I thought Cameron was I didn’t feel such antipathy for him. Maybe I’m more sexist than I thought). She’s not Thatcher (probably, I wasn’t really paying attention back in those days) and she’s probably not remotely like any of the other figures of note she’s been likened to recently (apparently she does it her way just like Sinatra).

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