How To… Prepare Yourself

It’s always good to have opportunities to practice. Especially if it’s for something that you’re not overly looking forward to. I know I’ve been pretty election-centric of late but hey, it’s my blog written for free to a largely apathetic internet audience (feverish checking of one’s own statistics do not make for much of an ego boost) so try and stop me. What can I say? The whole political process have been something of an inspiration to me. Also a source of blinding rage.

Anyway, we got what a lot of people might consider for all intents and purposes a dry run. I know that a lot of people were highly involved and motivated when it came to the local elections but I can’t help but feel that a large pool of the electorate weren’t particularly fussed. What does a local councillor do anyway? Precisely, you don’t actually know for sure.

So, the results are dribbling through with whimpers and moans and it’s precisely as the polls were telling us. They had to get it right at some point, you know in the way that stopped clocks have a propensity for being correct every now and again.

The Tories have made some stunning gains and pretty much everyone else lost. I never thought that I’d have to feel the need to mourn a lost in UKIP support. As long as they were splitting the right wing vote, the left stood to profit. Now determined right wingers feel comfortable casting their votes for a party determined to throw the country into the hardest Brexit possible. They feel heard and I couldn’t be happier (that screaming noise you’re hearing just now is the sarcasm klaxon). For all that bubbling hope I’ve been indulging in of late, it’s going to wind up precisely as we feared: Tories reign supreme and everyone else loses out.

Prepare yourself – Porcupine Tree


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