How To… Dance to Another Tune

Going with the flow is terribly easy. You wouldn’t want anyone to think that you were remotely different to what has been arrived at as the general consensus of how humans are meant to behave now would you? Or maybe you don’t care about fitting in and you’re not remotely bothered if people brand you as just that little bit odd. Perhaps you’re some sort of highly strung type who’s already predetermined that they’re simply not going to have a good time no matter what.

Well, get over it. So what if you find yourself unexpectedly ostracised from society? I’m sure you’d be able to eke out a perfectly serviceable existence on the fringes of civilisation. You’ve almost definitely got just about enough practical experience in you to construct some sort of hut out of mud and assorted debris. It’ll totally be a bit like camping. A really long camping holiday you didn’t actually sign up for.

Perhaps you could end up starting your own society. Welcoming in the other outcasts with their unfortunate habits and varying degrees of unpleasant smell. If there were eventually enough of you it could get to the point where you’re ready to roll back into town and overthrow the normals who originally exiled you. It’ll be glorious, they’ll write poems about the resulting upheaval of life as we know it. Just consider who’ll they’ll get to portray you in the movie.

So let’s bring about the inciting incident in act one of your epic tale. The moment when it became all too clear that you didn’t belong within the constrains of the everyday. The seemingly unimportant instant of a fraction of a second when, at a supposedly innocent disco, you didn’t really feel you could get into the track they were playing. It wasn’t your genre. Which led you to bop along to the music in your own head.

Dance to another tune – First Aid Kit


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