How To… Let it Die

Oh it does sound cruel now doesn’t it? But definitely not half as harsh as it might have been. After all, you’re not the one taking the pickaxe to the back of your work rival’s head. It’s a simple case of not calling the authorities once the masked stranger has run away into the night. It’s still somewhat dark? How odd. Fine, it’s not like you’re actively wishing harm on anyone, you’re simply bringing about their demise through sheer apathy.

Let’s get the hell away from thinking about actual sentient life forms. I think the allusion to the police earlier has rung one or two alarm bells. I don’t want the surveillance agencies (after all, they’re the only ones reading this. I’m totally law abiding, I swear) to start worrying or adding me to any lists. Rather than fixating with an entirely unhealthy focus on any public or otherwise figures you’d prefer shuffled off the mortal coil (you should have heard the words I tried to shout at Boris Johnson through my car radio earlier) I assure you that there are all sorts of other things you can absolutely let die.

It’s perfectly possible that I’m still lamenting my lack of gardening capabilities. We had to unearth a poor shrivelled prunus from the back garden only last weekend (and it was supposed to do relatively well in our dodgy clay soil). What can I say? Some have positively luminous green thumbs and others struggle to keep cacti in the land of the living.

Plenty of other things will shrivel away and die from lack of attention or nourishment. Like old friendships that seemed so incredibly vital at the time, or feelings of faith when it comes to certain political figures or parties, or even trends in fashion or culture. So let me implore whoever it is in change of the current tendency to… how can I not think of a single trend I find appalling? I’ve let too many brain cells die. That’s it.

Let it die – Foo Fighters


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