How To… Stay Out

There are times when life becomes an endurance event. Well, even more so than usual. Or perhaps I don’t quite have the stamina that some people are so very happy to brag about. But surely I’m not alone in experiencing moments of supreme fatigue? Instances when you want nothing more but to give up, go home and snuggle up under a pile of blankety duvets. I definitely haven’t started fixating on that bundle of dozy joy, imagining myself crawling in with a book and hiding from the world for an indecent length of time.

Rather than giving up and returning to wherever it is you hang your hat we’ve set our sights on staying out. No matter how much your feet hurt, your eyelids are drooping and you feel like you cannot stand another moment of this particular slice of nonsense you’re not allowed to surrender. Don’t worry, I’ll be right here to help you get through. Unless I get bored or tired and don’t especially want to carry on.

So squirt an energy drink or seven down your neck, wash it down with some caffeine and a little sprinkling of pure sugar to keep your eyes so very wide open. Now that you’ve managed to endow yourself with a bit of extra vim and vigour you’ll need to inject a little bit of life into proceedings. Take to the dancefloor, construct a makeshift one if your venue doesn’t happen to be equipped with one and windmill your arms, strutting your hella fly dance moves.

No matter what the hour, call up any mates who for whatever reason aren’t already with you, and coerce, blackmail and generally convince them to come out with you. The company can make all the difference when it comes to re-inflating a limp night out. And make sure plenty of pictures are taken so that you’ll never forget the night you made the effort to stay out. You know, so you never need do so again.

Stay out – Nina Nesbitt


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