How To… Picture This

I haven’t exactly got a thousand words to play with as the old adage goes but do bear with me and let’s see if we can’t paint an interesting word picture. I wasn’t that observant the last time the left swung to power after time spent out in the cold (I was a book obsessed five year old. Not much has changed since) so I’ve only got Adrian Mole to go on when it comes to the mood of the nation during and after the 97 election. Anyway with the way things are panning out nowadays it won’t even be half as hopeful or reenergising.

Anyhow, picture this: tactical voting. There isn’t any substantial opposition in the country as of this particular moment in time so it’s up to the electorate to capitalise on Mrs May’s poll-based confidence. Rather than letting her have it her own way for another five years (somehow I think it’ll become a matter of the utmost importance to respect parliamentary process and remain in government for the full five years once she gets her greasy mitts on a sizeable majority.

But there are enough people out there to block her. Not to agree on a single opposing voice but to deny the Tories a win in their impromptu popularity contest. The voting majority may well decide to band together to reject the media’s insistences that May is a strong leader (really? The lady who repeatedly assured us that she wasn’t going to call a snap election and then did? Who also campaigned against Brexit and is now forcing through the harshest version possible?) and that Corbyn is a hopeless one (fine, less to say here. However, is it such a tragedy for us not to cobble together yet more nuclear weapons? Or to tax people who can afford to give away more than they do?).

Choose green, lib dem, SNP, whoever you have to in order to avoid the blue (and I like blue, it’s pretty. But I’m ardently against what it represents in politics). Guess what? I still don’t want Brexit to happen. So sue me.

Picture this – Blondie


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