How To… Bang the Drum a Little Louder

Don’t worry, I’m not about to go off on one again. Well, I might manage to work myself up to it but the vitriol isn’t really flowing at the moment. Maybe I’ve just got a headache. However, there is one thing I definitely don’t intend on shutting up about in the near future with regards to politics. It’s a lot simpler than many might like to admit: just vote. I might have brought this up before but it’s absolutely the sort of thing that’s worth bearing out.

I say this secure in the knowledge that I could easily be encouraging people to involve themselves in the democratic process who have diametrically opposing views to mine. Even if it causes a surge in the Tory majority, it will be better than the current situation. Sure, I’ll be even more upset and disenfranchised like the dainty millennial snowflake that I am (even though apparently I’m a year too young for that particular generation but the one below doesn’t even have a name yet and I’ve always been mature for my age. Willies) but we’ll have a result that’s ever so slightly more representative.

The level of people that don’t vote is disturbing. They might have excellent reasons: crushing apathy, a general lack of understanding when it comes to what certain candidates stand for, truly believing that it won’t make the slightest bit of difference. But it’s like vaccinations, when people opt out (for blindingly moronic reasons for the most part. Not that I’m judging or anything) it makes the whole scheme that little bit less effective.

Plus, the very people who opt for the types you’d rather kept oh so very far away from power (the nut jobs. Sorry, UKIP and sorts like that who very much need to go away now they’ve achieved their supposed aim) are incredibly likely to turn out for the ballot every single time. They’re not going to give up and go away so the only way to dilute that influence is to cast your lot to cancel them out. GET OUT THERE AND BLEEDING WELL VOTE.

Bang the drum a little louder – Bryan Adams

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