How To… Join the Club

So, as an extra special surprise designed to add to all the tremendous political fun we’ve been having of late, we’re plunging right into the very first general election I’ll be voting in. During those halcyon days of 2010, I hadn’t yet crossed that exciting threshold of supposed adulthood and despite the very best of intentions (registering to vote) I didn’t quite manage it last time (my polling card didn’t turn up and as a lost little millennial relatively new to the area I didn’t know where to go) so the result was very slightly my fault.

We are, therefore, more than overdue for a hearty chucking in of my highly spangly two cents. Reflecting on the dazzling array of choices laid before us, it can sometimes be a little tricky to decide whom to back. By hook and by crook, UKIP have forced their way into becoming an outwardly seeming legitimate opposition party thanks to the bewildering void left by Labour. For a dyed in the wool frustrated left winger like myself it’s easy to feel like there’s no viable option out there to represent me.

Well, in spite of all that deliciously righteous indignation, I am in fact a card carrying (or I would be if I hadn’t lost my card practically straightaway. Also my purse is relegated to languishing amongst the general detritus at the bottom of my bag so it doesn’t really make that much difference what terribly interesting items of plastic are held within) member of a political party. Women’s equality, who wouldn’t be on board with that (please don’t tell me, I don’t want the internet to start screaming at me)?

Joining the club or party is a lot easier than you might have previously thought, especially if you’re willing to stump up a monthly direct debit. The more important matter at hand is voting. Even if you think it’s not going to make a blind bit of difference, especially if you resent the state of play, casting your ballot is the only way of earning the right to gripe about the situation going down. I voted Remain, so you’re obligated to hear me whine.

Join the club – Lucy Spraggan


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