How To… Be the One

Being the sort of person who so very often finds themselves shunted to the edge of the limelight isn’t particularly easy. The shoes owned by the likes of the Samwise Gamgees or the Ronald Weasleys of the world can be remarkably difficult. Naturally, there’s some element of danger by association but you’ll also have to reconcile yourself to the fact that attention and intrigue simply isn’t going to fall into your lap by way of plot coincidence.

Some will be content to bumble along, offering up snippets of incidental wisdom, the odd instance of general aid but never quite sharing in the glory and praise that come to them as standard at the end of whatever quest they’ve most recently undertaken. Others will unfortunately stew in the juices of their own jealousy to the point that they might to something nefarious or even insane in an attempt to direct the attention their way.

We’ve all been there. However, it’s important to dislodge the protagonist from their position at the top of things in just the right way. Otherwise you might find yourself branded a villain as opposed to the one that folk turn to in times of crisis. You can’t just hit them with a hammer until they’re rendered senseless and then try futilely to convince people that not only did you not do it but also that you’re just the hero type they’ve been looking for.

Wait for your optimum moment, you may have to capitalise on downfall caused by their own hubris and your failure to bring them up on it but that’s as maybe. Sure, you could be waiting for a very long time but being the one isn’t about embracing the antihero, you can’t be a master manipulator for this sort of thing. It has to be earned by the sweat of your brow. Or something. Maybe crack open a bag of crisps while you wait.

Be the one – Dua Lipa


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