How To… Research Me Obsessively

It’s getting a little frustrating isn’t it? Those tiny nuggets of information I’ve been in the habit of dropping have become that much fewer and farther between. How on earth are you going to have any chance of unwrapping the enigma if you can’t get your grubby mitts on more facts? How can you even be sure that the snippets I’ve apparently been so careless as to let slip even correspond with reality? I’ve outed myself as a liar before after all.

Then again, even though it may have come to seem so during the last months and even years (those especially loyal readers know that all manner of rewards await them down the line. Have a flick back and see if you can also unlock those particular secrets), this piece of internet literature is hardly the font of all knowledge. What I’m saying in a thoroughly roundabout way is that there are other resources out there in cyberspace.

Why bother hunting your way through this thing for obscure titbits regarding my terribly rich inner life when you have social media feeds to stalk? You could launch yourself with rabidly hearty interest on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (I don’t actually have an Instagram account, it’s difficult for me to deal in anything really other than words – and even then I’m hardly eloquent – but it’s fun to imagine you researching in an increasingly frustrated manner. I’m not remotely sadistic) and even Tumblr (the account I set up has had very little exercise and I’m not sure I even sure I remember what it is.

The information is all technically public so you’re definitely not indulging in anything wrong or unhealthy. And you get to learn that much more about a richly fascinating woman that is myself. What a fun and informing time you’ll be having. Lucky you.

Research me obsessively – Brittany Snow


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