How To… Face the Night

We’ve built little synthetic bubbles for ourselves as human race. If we chose so then we would never have to step out into the open air let alone ever be wreathed in natural darkness. That being said, you would run the risk of being labelled as something of an eccentric if you began drawing up plans with the express goal of remaining forevermore indoors. Therefore, until the environment shuts absolutely everything down and we have to flee underground for our own safety, I think you may still have to deign to go outside.

The day is unlikely to strike any particular level of terror in you (that is, unless you subscribe to vampiric trends or have an overwhelming fear of bees or other non nocturnal beasts). So the only time period you might have to steel yourself against would be the hours between dusk and dawn. When it’s so much harder to see everything and the bad people have an unfortunate propensity to leap out at you and demand things like money.

For one thing, it’s significantly easier to face the night and the corresponding darkness with a bit of illumination on your side. Stay close to the street lamps or equip yourself with a nightlight or torch, be it a small electric one or the flaming variety that’s proved to be so popular on quests.

Once you have your light bearing object in hand you should then look to your reasoning¬†with regards to facing the night. When you emerge into the clasp of darkness you certainly ought to arm yourself with purpose. Ensure that you know precisely where you’re headed, possibly having previously mapped out the route and don’t head out for any longer than you had planned. Gird your loins, you’re going out into the night and I’m sure you’ll have all sorts of fun.

Face the night – Hardline


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