How To… Jump in the Pool

Where hath that glorious sunshine disappeared to? For the last week it could have almost been summer but now the skies have clouded over. The temperature has dropped to a point where you could almost swear that we’ve hurtled back to spring into a decidedly greyer stretch of weather. It’s disappointing really.

Clearly, we’re going to have to find some way to cling to the sunnier holiday feel. Now that we’ve had a slim chance to experience that nourishing sunlight on our faces (I got in the habit of keeping sunglasses in my car, I looked so very fly in my sweet new ride. It very nearly almost but didn’t actually make me wish that I’d gone ahead and opted for a convertible) we need to find an alternative route to summer.

What’s the first thing you think about when someone mentions July or possibly even August? That’s right, it’s not fattening crops (unless you’re a farmer. Are you a farmer? It seems like an unlikely occupation for you to have but who am I to judge? Farm on and prosper with your golden fields of wheat) or even sunny days. It’s the opportunity to go and take a dip in the pool. Sure, you could go for a swim in the depths of autumn or even winter if the water’s sufficiently heated but you could easily draw some loaded expressions.

Whereas, everyone’s raring to get into their bathing togs come summer. Therefore, if you go and find a pool to jump in then it’s definitely still summer no matter what the thermometer says. You may even start a trend because wouldn’t that be undeniably fabulous? So go and locate a nearby body of water, slip yourself into a preferably not too worn example of lycra (or whatever swimming cozzies are made out of) and cannonball away!

Jump in the pool – Friendly Fires


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